Sponsorship Information (Central Ontario Wolves AAA)

PrintSponsorship Information
Here is the sponsorship package you can send out to your friends and family. 
If you have any questions, you can contact VPBusiness at [email protected].
Here are some Guidelines to keep in mind when speaking with potential sponsors:

Guidelines for Sponsorship
1.   There is only room for ONE Sponsor bar per Jersey. 
2. The sponsor bars will be created by the Vendor of record for the COWHA only.
3.  The sponsor bars will be BLUE BLOCK letters for the home jersey and WHITE BLOCK letters for the away jerseys only.  No Logo's, special fonts or other colors will be used on sponsor bars.
4. The Manager will be responsible for collecting the jerseys and getting the bars put on prior to the teams first home game.  Managers must submit the lists electronically in a spreadsheet and must be BLOCK letters.
5.    The sponsor bar will be no more than 4 inches high by 14 inches wide. The more lines you want, the smaller the print will be on the bar.
6. Any special requests for additions to the jersey MUST be approved by the COWHA executive PRIOR to execution. The executive holds the right to refuse any request they see fit and that will alter the brand.  
7. Pop-up banners are available for team and individual sponsorship. Please contact VP of Business.
Please make sure if you have a TEAM sponsor you let your manager know asap so they can communicate with the team.
There will be NO logos put on the pant shells. Extra individual sponsors can be put on the hockey bag (if there are not 2 team sponsors) or practice jersey of the individual player. Another great option is for the team to do up a banner for their sponsors if they wish.
10. Please contact the VP Business if you have any questions about the sponsors or if you have special requests that need to be approved. [email protected] 

Dear Potential Sponsor,

The athletes on our Central Ontario Wolves teams and their families are raising funds to support their hockey team for the upcoming season. Your generous donation will assist in keeping operating costs to a reasonable level and enable our athletes to participate in hockey tournaments this season.

The Wolves hockey teams will be playing regular season games in the following areas:

Barrie     Markham     Peterborough     Clarington 
South Central    Ajax-Pickering    Whitby    York Simcoe
Kingston    Oshawa    North Central    Quinte


Your generous contribution will provide you an opportunity to advertise in the community, while supporting the physical and mental development of youth.  A variety of options are available under two sponsorship programs; general sponsorships and individual sponsorships.

Individual Player Support - Goal

Investment: $300

- Name on individual player jersey (home or away) or hockey bag (depending on availability - MAXIMUM ONE SPONSOR PER JERSEY)  . BLOCK letters ONLY, no logos, special fonts or other colors will be used on Sponsor bars.

- Reference as player sponsor and logo in game program (if the team has a program)

- Business tax receipt

Individual Player Support - Assist

Investment: $50

- Reference as player sponsor and logo in game program (if the team has a program or keep sake book)

- Business tax receipt

General Team Support – Shut Out

Investment: $1000

- Logo on pop-up team banner

- Reference as team sponsor and logo in game program (if the team has a program).

- Business tax receipt