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Aug 08, 2019 | Jay Allen | 3136 views
Why YOU . . . Want to be a WOLF!
The Central Ontario Wolves AAA Hockey Association is the highest level of amateur hockey in our Region for 7/8 year-olds to 17/18 year-olds. As such we have recognized that more is expected and in order to achieve more, more most be offered. This year will mark the start of a new development model that will aide our players to develop not only faster but develop all facets of their game. The 2019/20 Season will be the inaugural year of our "Performance Plus Program" which will be a program that builds a player throughout their years with COW, as the program will provide continuity from year to year beginning at the very formidable year of Novice. The components of this program will include and not be limited to only the 

Physical (On-Ice - PEP/Power Skating, Goalie Development and Off Ice Skills (Strength and Agility) Development) but also a facet of the game and each player's life that is as equally important . . . "MENTAL RESILIENCY"

The Central Ontario Wolves is proud to introduce the first two programs within our Performance Plus Program that will be offered to ALL of our athletes (Novice through Midget) to ensure we are not only building great/focused/responsible athletes but also great/focused/responsible young men and women.


Please take a moment to watch the short videos on both these programs and please reach out to your respective 2019-20 COW Coach for more information on how these programs will work and will be integrated into the teams respective programming for this season.

Our goal as an Association is to create a team culture within each age group that compliments and reinforces our Association's culture of consistent on and off ice performance for our athletes.

#BENOTICED (For all the Good you Do and Bring...Not the Bad)

Read a short piece on each program below and click each picture to be redirected to their respective video. 


Mind-Body Fusion is the first performance company in Canada to specialize in helping competitors with the lifestyle patterns that they posses to increase performance capabilities.

It doesn't matter if you're an athlete looking to take your game to the next level, or an organization trying to establish a team culture; everyone competes. Mind-Body Fusion enhances an area of performance that few focus on: the lifestyle and performance mindset of competitors. By working on the lifestyle patterns leading to successful performances, and using various resiliency enhancing techniques, coaches Matthew and Chris help competitors strengthen their lifestyle habits and find consistency in their performances. Mind-Body Fusion helps competitors find their "extra gear," unleashing their true performance potential and ridding competitors of performance anxieties, stresses, and pressures, and in turn increase focus, confidence, and consistency in performances. See Website here for more information.

Having the ability to react to a player at full speed and counter is one skill you must master to play at the elite level. Players that have acquired this skill set extend more plays and react better under pressure. 

After years of working with the best players in hockey, PEP has developed 3, scientifically proven training methodologies. They are designed to enhance muscle memory so players can react better in high pressure situations. Reactive Countering Training™, Reactive Linear Crossovers (™ pending) and extreme Multi-Tasking represent the 3 pillars of the PEP development model and are at the heart of every practice. See Website here for more information.

If you want to to fast go alone...if you want to go far, go together! 

LOCK'EM or LOSE'EM! The ShaftStrap is an Anti-Theft Deterrent designed for the protection of sports related equipment such as Hockey and LAX Sticks and Baseball Bats. Developed locally by a COW Parent as a result of several hockey sticks being stolen at a tournament in 2016, the ShaftStrap is patent pending and is the only "Stick Lock" on the market. Attach the Lock to your bag permanently or use as a stand alone lock. This equipment is easily picked up and very expensive. Stop Grab'N Go Thefts! Load'em, Lock'em and Leave'em protected with the ShaftStrap!