AGM (Central Ontario Wolves AAA)

The COWHA Board hosts our Annual General Meeting of the Members each year in June. By adhering to this timeline on an annual basis, the Board fulfills our duties to our Members and meets the requirements of Canada's Non-For-Profit Corporations Act.

The AGM is open to all active Members in good standing. Anyone who wishes to attend must register by June 23 (see below).

Members are; elected or appointed Directors, all Coaches, Managers and Trainers appointed for the upcoming season and all registered Players for the upcoming season who are at least 18 years of age. For registered Players of the upcoming season under 18, parents or legal guardians of a Player are considered Members on behalf of the Player.


Below is everything Members will need to be informed before the AGM.

 2023 AGM Meeting Minutes     COWHA_AGM_Minutes_2023.08.29.docx
 2024 AGM Agenda    2024_COWHA_AGM_Agenda
 2024 Amended By-Laws     COWHA_By_Laws_2024June
 2024 Nominations List     Secretary - Lori Walker