Vulnerable Sector Checks (Central Ontario Wolves AAA)

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As of April 1, 2o24, OHF has taken over the responsibility of Vulnerable Sector Checks (VSC)
Below are the basics, for full information on the process; visit the OHF Vulnerable Sector Checks page.

Process for Coaches/Bench Staff/Volunteers

1. Organize your documents. Determine where you need to go to get a Vulnerable Sector Check completed (a formal letter may be required): OHF Letter Requesting Vulnerable Sector Check

2. Once you have an approved VSC from your local police service, begin the Screening Submission: 
• Locate your HCR # and register for the OHF Screening Process
• Once registered, click continue
• Complete the form and upload your documents (read all instructions to ensure complete accuracy).

Required Documents

Before entering the OHF Screening Submission Portal, please ensure you have the following information to complete the Vulnerable Sector Check:
1. Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) Number; AND
2. Vulnerable Sector Check AND
3. Receipt of Vulnerable Sector Check

Once your check has been submitted, you will receive an email that it will be reviewed within 3 business days. Check your HCR account for updates.

• All documents must all be in PDF format to be accepted.
• Should your returned Vulnerable Sector Check from your police service be password protected, save the PDF to remove the password encryption. Alternatively you can print the Check and scan as a PDF to upload.
• For the 2024-25 season, the OHF will be accepting copies of a Vulnerable Sector Check from 2022-23 OR 2023-24 AND the completed online OHF Screening Declaration.
• There are requirements for registered players that require documentation to show proof of residence and birth certificate. This is NOT a requirement for Coaches or Officials.