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Sep 12, 2020 | Jennifer Buttar | 982 views
Update on Development Phase and Plans for October
Wolves Nation:

Most teams have already begun our Stage 3 'development phase' and we're making plans for 'modified' (3-on-3 and 4-on-4) games beginning in October.  I wanted to make you aware of a few things before we get there:

While we, COWHA and the OMHA, continue to fight for the ability to utilize last season's APs and call-up goalies for Stage 3, we will comply with the rules as they are presently until they change.

You should be aware that our lack of numbers for Stage 3 is not a failing of either your coach or your association.  We are the only AAA association in the OMHA whose only AA feeder centre (North Durham) is in a different Public Health Unit than the one where we're based.  This restricts us from forming a partnership with them to allow us to bolster numbers and tier by development level.

While this puts us at a distinct disadvantage against our ETA peers, keep in mind that Phase 3 is not about winning and losing, but development.  While there will be on-ice officials and scores will be kept and submitted, there are no points awarded for wins or ties, and any record will not be a factor when the regular season begins.

Overcoming adversity is something our athletes should learn, not only for hockey or other sports, but also for their academic, career, and personal lives.  I'm sure that you'll all support your athlete and their team-mates and staff in this regard.

We appreciate your support through this difficult time and hope you all remain healthy.
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