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Sep 30, 2020 | Jay Allen | 780 views
Spectator Rules and Obligations - MUST READ
Please be advised that the CKL (our Ice Facility Provider) has moved to Phase 2 of their opening and therefore has permitted that spectators for ice events may be allowed.

However, this policy is still subject to the Provincial Guidelines for Social Distancing, Screening and our Association Protocols. The City Policy is as follows:

ONE (1) Spectator is allowed to attend the Facility PER PARTICIPANT and ANY spectator must be screened and acknowledge that 1. they CANNOT come and go from the facility once they entered the building and have been screened  2. must maintain the provincial guidelines for social distancing at all times and 3. They cannot use somebody else's spectator spot and therefore, no sibling's, friends or grandparents may attend UNLESS they are the ONE (1) Spectator in attendance for that participant.

The City has expressed that in the light of increasing COVID numbers in the province they will be EXTREMELY stringent on this policy and if Ice Users DO NOT adhere to the above requirements they will remove ALL spectators and or the times for the Ice User (Specific Team of COWHA in General) in question.

As such we have left it up to the INDIVIDUAL COACHES as to whether they wish to allow spectators to watch these sessions as in the end it will be up to them and their Designated COVID 19 Screener to manage each participants spectator.

As we ALL love the Game, we fully understand Parent's/Guardian's desire to watch their Player throughout these sessions HOWEVER, we must acknowledge the current environment and that the Coaches are there to run the sessions, enhance each player's experience and ability and not to police spectator's. Therefore, we ask that you respect the Coaches and their individual decisions as to whether they wish to allow spectators of not. If they choose to allow spectators to their sessions, please, PLEASE adhere to the City's COVID Protocols for the each Facility or your Team and potentially the organization could be a risk of contract cancellation.


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