OHF Update / Feb. - Mar. 31st Development Session Costs Announced, News (Central Ontario Wolves AAA)

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Feb 16, 2021 | Jay Allen | 1324 views
OHF Update / Feb. - Mar. 31st Development Session Costs Announced
All Members,

Firstly, Welcome Back to AAA Hockey. There are several items to be discussed for the last part of our 2020-21 season.

The OHF/OMHA announced on Feb 11th (OHF Bulletin) that those Associations that are in specific COVID Zones would be permitted to play 3-3, 4-4, 5-5 Hockey with specific conditions and with a specific and adjacent PHU Association (i.e PTBO).

We continue to work with the OMHA and the ETA to understand when this relationship might be able to begin. It is our understanding that the focus will be on getting draft eligible (U16/U18) players competing under these guidelines as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for more information. In the interim please continue to develop with your respective teams. Development costs for the next sessions is noted below.


Please note we have posted the Development Session Costs for the balance of February through March 31st 2021. The costs per age group are based on the number of sessions, total hours of those sessions and the costs to provide the programming.

Please note if you are a U16/U18 Parent, Guardian or Player that the Dev. Fees for these age groups have not yet been determined as we are still determining numbers and the inclusion of the U18 program into our PHU. We will reach out once determined and payment can be made at that time.

We understand these are unique times and therefore please note that these costs must be paid no later than March 7th 2021 or the player will not be eligible to continue.

Furthermore, any unpaid balances from any of the Development Skates will be required to be paid prior to the player being eligible to tryout for the 2021-22 Season. Note late payment fees and interest can be applied.

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