2021-22 Registration Fee Payment Form (Central Ontario Wolves AAA)

Print 2021-22 Registration Fee Payment Form
Instructions for Registration Fee Payments: Please note you may use this form to pay a registration fee for any player. There are two options for payment using this form. 1. You make make a full payment of the fees using the PayPal (Credit Card) by choosing the FULL FEE for your respective age group, 2. You may make a non-refundable 50% payment of the respective registration fee on or before September 20th 2021 and another 50% payment (the balance) on or before October 15th 2021. Please note there will be a 2% premium on all registration fees if PayPal (Credit Card) was used for registration fees. (Both Option 1 and 2)
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  2. Please choose the Team for which your Player is Paying
  3. (Please include Number, street, Apt, lot, Consession, Township, Rural route #)
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  7. Please chose either Option 1: Full Fee or Option 2: Partial Payments. Partial Payments are 50% of the defined respective Registration Fee. Please review the Refund Policy and please note there is a 2% premium for this payment method. If you choose a Partial Payment of the Reg. Fees you will need to make the 2nd payment no later than October 15th 2021 to remain in good standing.
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