2022 - 2023 Registration Info , Fees and Payments (Central Ontario Wolves AAA)

Print2022 - 2023 Registration Info , Fees and Payments

Association Fees (Novice to Minor Midget) = Registration Fees


Mailing Address PO Box 544 Lindsay, ON K9V 4S5

1. Registration Fees: 
What is included in the registration fees

The registration fees cover; 2 practices per week, home games, development programming (includes goalies), home and away custom jerseys with name bars for the back of both sets of jerseys, home and away socks, goalie clinics, HUDL Video Analysis and a Banquet night which is held at the end of the season. This registration Fees do not include Team Fees which cover Team related costs such as Referee and Time Keeper Costs, Tournament Costs, Coaches Costs, Trainers Costs and other related Team Expenses. Each Coach will provide all prospective players with a Team Budget prior to signing.

U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U15 U16
$2,940 $2,940 $3,300 $3,675 $3,675 $3,675 $3,825
$2800 if paid up front ($140 discount) $2800 if paid up front ($140 discount) $3150 if paid up front ($150 discount) $3500 if paid up front ($175 discount) $3500 if paid up front ($175 discount) $3500 if paid up front ($175 discount) $3650 if paid up front ($175 discount)

The required REGISTRATION fees are to be paid by all signed players and must be paid in full by one of the following options using the PayPal (Credit Card Form):

1. Full payment of Reg Fees by October 1st, 2021 of the applicable amount as per the year the Player has signed by PayPal (Credit Card) 

2. Installment payments or paying up front:

1st installment (or paying up front):  Open September 15th, close October 1st

2nd installment: Close December 1st

3rd installment: Close February 1st

If registration payment for signed players have not been processed by October 1st, (Either in Full or Partial Payment), the player will not be allowed to participate in any future team events and will be considered to be a player not in good standing. 

*Payment for Additional Wolves Wear will be separate from the Association Fees this year and payable directly to TSO Sportwear. TSO will have the ability to accept visa for additional clothing.


Refund Policy (Novice to Minor Midget)

The refund policy is for the registration fees only. As noted above, the original deposit of 40% is non-refundable. If at anytime during the month of September, a player decides to return to their home centre, then the registration fee scheduled for payment up to and including that month must be paid or 40% of the applicable registration, which ever is less. If a player decides to return to their home center during the month of October or later, all registration fees must be paid in full before they will be released.

U18 - Registration and Team Fees will be managed directly by Brad Bricknell (Coach U18)